ABS holds great prominence in both mechanical and electrical processes. But why choose ABS, because it is:

  • Durable
  • Thermally Stable
  • Impact Resistant

But are you able to find the best-in-class ABS granules for your specific purposes?

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Did you know when buying ABS raw materials a majority of customers are witnessing issues related to:
  • Poor quality products
  • Delayed shipments
  • High cost
What We Have To Offer?
  • Best quality ABS so that you can make optimal use of the raw materials.
  • High-grade ABS granules come in handy in different sorts of purposes.
  • Premium raw materials that give you productive results.

What Makes Us The Best In The Industry?

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Our ABS Products

ProcessMFIPropertiesMain Applications
Extrusion (FDA Compliant / Non FDA)4High melt strength, high gloss, good stiffness, toughness and good vacuum forming propertiesHighest impact extrusion ABS for sheet and blow molding applications.
Injection Moulding (UV/Non UV)8Super high impact ABS. Good low temperature toughness. High gloss.Multi-purpose, injection molding ABS
Injection Moulding (UV/Non UV FDA Compliant / Non FDA)15Very high impact ABS. Toughness/rigidity. Good fatigue resistance.Multi-purpose, injection molding ABS
Injection Moulding (UV/Non UV FDA Compliant / Non FDA)18Excellent balance of chemical resistance, flow, gloss and low temperature ductilityMulti-purpose, injection molding ABS
Injection Moulding (UV/Non UV)12Excellent balance of chemical resistance, flow, gloss and low temperature ductilityHigh flow, injection molding ABS, for thin-wall applications
Injection Moulding Flame Retardant (UV/Non UV)3-7Flame retardant ABS (non-PBBE additives) good stiffness/toughness balance. Excellent moldability

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Now Save 17% on Cost

Come Increase Your Profit by landing 17% Savings on The Cost!

What Is Uniglobus?

Uniglobus is a global supplier of plastic raw materials and has been delivering quality and efficiency to our customers with our raw material supplies. We will provide you with high-grade ABS granules that stand out and meets your purposes. 


Are You Facing These Common Problems Encountered By Most Of The Customers?

  • Inferior quality products eventually affect the end performance.
  • Paying hefty amounts due to lack of price competitiveness.
  • Unscheduled and delayed shipment hampering the quality and credibility.
  • Improper funding sources makes it difficult to make orders


What If We Say We Can Help You Overcome These Issues By Offering:

  • High-grade ABS with Certificate of Analysis ensuring quality.
  • A thorough description of the products, so you know what you are buying.
  • Better fund management with 30/70 payment relaxation.
  • Jaw-dropping saving on your cost due to price fluctuations.

What You Can Expect From Uniglobus?

  • We are the suppliers of ABS granules that offer increased performance and efficiency.
  • We are proud to boast of our range of high-grade ABS raw materials to meet your requirements.
  • We only supply high-graded ABS, so you never have to settle for anything less than the best.
  • We offer you a Certificate of Analysis with every product to authenticate the veracity.
  • We ensure quick and efficient shipment to avoid price fluctuation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ABS is an Amorphous Thermoplastic Polymer

ABS is a thermoplastic polymer that is opaque in its natural state. The thermoplastic nature of ABS means that this material can be heated to its melting point, cooled, and re-heated again without significant degradation.

ABS is a great plastic product to use since it is one of the most affordable plastics resistant to strong impacts and corrosive chemicals. It is also relatively harmless since the plastic material doesn’t have any known toxic carcinogens in it.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, often abbreviated as ABS, is an opaque engineering thermoplastic widely used in electronic housings, auto parts, consumer products, pipe fittings, lego toys and many more.

By polymerizing styrene and acrylonitrile in the presence of polybutadiene, chemical “chains” attract each other and bind together to make ABS stronger. This combination of materials and plastics provides ABS with superior hardness, gloss, toughness and resistance properties, greater than that of pure polystyrene.

ABS has high impact strength, good scratch resistance and hardness with high gloss. ABS may be blended with other plastics, most commonly Polycarbonate (PC/ABS), in order to improve particular performance properties.

ABS Specific Cement (this is very important; you MUST use black ABS cement)

  • Sand the damaged area.
  • Hold the part back together with tape.
  • Apply ABS cement to the backside of the part and reinforce it with ABS plastic.
  • Apply ABS cement to the front of the part to act as a filler.

When comparing, ABS VS Polycarbonate, for patterns and colors, polycarbonate always wins. The Acrylonitrile in ABS plastic provides the chemical and hardness factor, the Butadiene plastic enhances impact resistance properties, and the Styrene offers heat resistance and excellent property enhancements.

PC-ABS is a high-impact, low-volume engineering thermoplastic that creates stronger parts that mimic the material properties of the final product. PC-ABS combines the strength and heat resistance of PC and the flexibility of ABS. This blend is 5-60% stronger than standard ABS.

Case Studies

Cable Manufacturer

We are working with leading manufacturers of wires and cable/cable compounds in India. They have sustained their credibility with their quality offerings and reliable services. They have cultivated a strong reputation among their vendors and customers.

However, things are not always rainbows and unicorns in a business.

Issues Faced: This cable and wire manufacturer was facing an extreme challenge in meeting the payment deadlines of vendors due to customers’ payment delays. They had a huge LC limit and looking for a higher credit period in LCs from their foreign suppliers to utilize their limits.

What Uniglobus Offered?

We studied their issue in detail and came up with an appropriate solution. Instead of going for LC 90 days, we got them LC 120 days that removed the barrier delayed payment, and eventually got us a satisfied customer. It was a sale against the commission. The LC 120 days payment terms allowed them to pay their vendors without any financial burden. They are able to manufacture, sell and collect the payment within 120 days from their customers.

Now, our customer is able to redeem its credible position in the market by decreasing the collection cycle and increasing the experience.

Masterbatches Manufacturer

When it comes to manufacturing masterbatches, wires and cables, SCJ Plastics is the name that will be at the forefront. It is a leading manufacturer in India that can provide you with masterbatches, wires, cables and cable compounds. They have been in the industries for a long time now and able to cater to the diverse requirements of their clients.

Like any other business, SCJ Plastics also faced some hardships.

Issues Faced: During the COVID-19 lockdown, they faced a delay in receiving documents against LC from the bank. It led to increasing the clearing charges by shipping line due to demurrage and detention. It would have cost them a fortune but, Uniglobus came to rescue.

What Uniglobus Offered?

When SCJ Plastics approached us with their concerns, we immediately coordinated with the port agent and requested them to take this case into special consideration and kindly waive off the demurrage charges. The delay happened due to the lockdown and the bank was not able to handover the documents through courier. By indulging in the matter, Uniglobus helped in waiving off the demurrage charges.

SCJ Plastics saved a huge amount and Uniglobus got a friendly client.

Plastic Recycler

Our customer who is a plastic recycler is a reliable name in the plastics industry. It is a global trading house that deals in plastics. They are dealing in trading plastic materials across the globe. As a trading company, they have to face a myriad of issues that can be tackled with smart solutions.

Issues Faced: Back in May 2020, our customer bought PVC from Uniglobus Trading. But our supplier had to cancel the contract due to COVID circumstances. Their credibility was at stake.

What Uniglobus Offered?

As a reliable ally, we helped them by finding a replacement cargo for them from our trusted sources. We were able to honour our commitment and sustain their reputation. Eventually, they ended up making handsome profit on this cargo as the prices started skyrocketing since then. The price of PVC has shot up by 138% after Plastic Recycling Company order.

They were extremely satisfied by our services and started dealing with us on a regular basis.

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