Did you know that 45% of customers fail to buy the best raw material granules of EVA for different applications?

They are confused about:

  • Lack of knowledge about the raw materials
  • Unaware of the credibility of the brand
  • Not able to make a well-informed decision

Do you want to go through the same dilemma? Or would you love to have a hassle-free approach?

Uniglobus will provide you with the quality products that you deserve. We have the best range of EVA that can cater to your diverse application requirements.

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  • Plastic raw material granules of EVA
  • We have plastic raw materials specific grade that you are searching for.
  • You can also make products from our high-quality raw material granules.

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We provide Plastic Raw Material granules of EVA

MFIVA Content %Main Applications
1 -518 - 28%Foams, Shoe Soles and compounds
15 - 2028%Solar Panel Sheet
2528%Solar Panel Sheet, Hot Melt Adhesives
30 - 40028-45%Hot Melt Adhesives, Wire and Cable, Compounds, Ink

Did you know?

Buying quality EVA granules from a reliable company can increase your profit margin by 150% as it reduces the risk of shipment delay.
Buying quality EVA granules from a reliable company can increase your profit margin by 150% as it reduces the risk of shipment delay.


What are the common nightmares of customers when buying EVA raw materials?

  • Not getting what they actually expect
  • Products with a high price range
  • Massive delay in shipment
  • Lack of guidance on the suitability of off-grades for applications
  • Price fluctuations due to unscheduled shipment


Uniglobus saves you from the troubles and provides you with a seamless experience by:

  • Quality offgrades with the Certificate of Analysis so that you receive exactly what you expect.
  • Offering the least possible and competitive prices for all the raw materials.
  • Fulfilling the order by scheduling the shipment on time.
  • Providing a complete description of the product.
  • Reducing the price fluctuations by the means of scheduled shipment.

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Material dispatch in 2-3 weeks

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What People Generally Ask?

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate

EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate. It is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials that are “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility. It is plastic by combining ethylene and vinyl acetate to create rubber-like properties, which can be used for shoe soles and more.

EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate, soft and flexible plastic with a strong and sturdy built. EVA is often used as a safe alternative to PVC. When combined with heat, pressure, and other plastics, EVA becomes closed cell EVA foam.

EVA plastic is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate polymers. EcoPure is the process conducted during the manufacture to enhance the biodegradability of the EVA plastics and shortens the time plastics that have been disposed of remain in landfills.

10-15 years

EVA is a great, highly durable material that stands the test of time. This is why many boot makers are using it. You can still have a boot that will last 10-15 years with an EVA sole.

EVA provides the best shock-absorbing qualities, which is why big-brand shoemakers like to use it. It is light, flexible, and has high elasticity. Plus, it can take almost any color. When it comes to outsoles and a direct comparison to synthetic rubbers, EVA is great too.

EVA is one of the materials popularly known as expanded rubber or foam rubber. EVA foam is used as padding in equipment for various sports such as ski boots, bicycle saddles, hockey pads, boxing, and mixed-martial-arts gloves and helmets, wakeboard boots, waterski boots, fishing rods, and fishing reel handles.

After researching the issue, EVA foam (ethylene vinyl acetate) is generally considered a safe material for baby mats and toys. While there is some potential for formamide exposure, these risks are negligible and likely aren’t a concern.

EVA foam is one of the most typical and frequently used closed cell foam materials. As a closed-cell foam, EVA foam is excellent at heat insulation, moisture resistance, shock absorption, high flexibility and resilience, chemical resistance, buoyancy. Also, EVA foam can be easily heat-formed.

EVA foam is an excellent option for a gym floor where heavyweights will not be used. EVA is an elasticized, closed-cell foam with a rubber-like softness and flexibility that makes it a great option for a gym or exercise space, and Greatmats has a great selection of EVA foam gym floor products.

The EVA foam material characteristically provides good gloss and clarity, remains strong at low temperatures, retains its resistance to UV radiation and stress cracking, and possesses hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties. Resilience / buoyancy and low-water absorption.


You can use thicker EVA foam to create rigid but lightweight swords, guns, tasers, hammers, and more. We recommend either two 0.25-inch-thick foam sheets if you are doing extensive layering or one 0.5-inch-thick foam sheet or fewer layers.

EVA hot melt adhesive is a 100% solid, transparent, flexible Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer. It is normally categorized by percent VA content and melt flow rate (MFR) or melt index (MI). Most commonly used EVAs contain between 19% and 28% VA.

Hot melt glue sticks have a number of unique advantages over other types of adhesives:

  • Long shelf life.
  • Little or no environmental precautions for disposal.
  • Minimal waste.
  • No volatile organic compounds.
  • Rapid drying and curing.
  • No loss of thickness during curing.
  • Creates tamper-resistant seals.

Hot melt adhesives have a long shelf life and usually can be disposed of without special precautions. Some of the disadvantages involve a thermal load of the substrate, limiting use to substrates not sensitive to higher temperatures, and loss of bond strength at higher temperatures, up to complete melting of the adhesive.

EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate, a material that has good radiation transmission and low degradability to sunlight. This is a thermoplastic polymer used in solar modules as an encapsulating agent since, by applying heat to the assembly, it forms a sealing and insulating film around the solar cells.

It is widely used as an encapsulant in the silicon solar module to bind the different layers together and protecting the solar cells from overstressing, cracking, and environmental effects.

EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) is the most commonly used encapsulant material. EVA comes in thin sheets which are inserted between the solar cells and the top surface, and the rear surface. This sandwich is then heated to 150 °C to polymerize the EVA and bond the module together.

Since the late 1950s, Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) copolymers are used extensively in the wire and cable industry for making heat shrinkable insulation, semi-conductor.

EVA composites with CB filler were found to be conductive at seven wt.% CB filler content. Addition of graphene and carbon black enhanced the thermal conductivity and dynamic mechanical properties of the composite.

The invention relates to EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) printing ink. The EVA printing ink comprises four major components: resin liquids, dispersing agents, coloration pigments, and filling material. The resin liquids are composed of EVA emulsion, n-butyl acetate, acetone, chloroform, ethanol, and dimethylbenzene.

EVA film is based on the use of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and additives. It is commonly used in the construction industry to form EVA Laminated glass film. The production of laminated security glass can contribute to safety, insulation, sound insulation, anti-ultraviolet, and other properties.

Case Studies

Cable Manufacturer

We are working with leading manufacturers of wires and cable/cable compounds in India. They have sustained their credibility with their quality offerings and reliable services. They have cultivated a strong reputation among their vendors and customers.

However, things are not always rainbows and unicorns in a business.

Issues Faced: This cable and wire manufacturer was facing an extreme challenge in meeting the payment deadlines of vendors due to customers’ payment delays. They had a huge LC limit and looking for a higher credit period in LCs from their foreign suppliers to utilize their limits.

What Uniglobus Offered?

We studied their issue in detail and came up with an appropriate solution. Instead of going for LC 90 days, we got them LC 120 days that removed the barrier delayed payment, and eventually got us a satisfied customer. It was a sale against the commission. The LC 120 days payment terms allowed them to pay their vendors without any financial burden. They are able to manufacture, sell and collect the payment within 120 days from their customers.

Now, our customer is able to redeem its credible position in the market by decreasing the collection cycle and increasing the experience.

Masterbatches Manufacturer

When it comes to manufacturing masterbatches, wires and cables, SCJ Plastics is the name that will be at the forefront. It is a leading manufacturer in India that can provide you with masterbatches, wires, cables and cable compounds. They have been in the industries for a long time now and able to cater to the diverse requirements of their clients.

Like any other business, SCJ Plastics also faced some hardships.

Issues Faced: During the COVID-19 lockdown, they faced a delay in receiving documents against LC from the bank. It led to increasing the clearing charges by shipping line due to demurrage and detention. It would have cost them a fortune but, Uniglobus came to rescue.

What Uniglobus Offered?

When SCJ Plastics approached us with their concerns, we immediately coordinated with the port agent and requested them to take this case into special consideration and kindly waive off the demurrage charges. The delay happened due to the lockdown and the bank was not able to handover the documents through courier. By indulging in the matter, Uniglobus helped in waiving off the demurrage charges.

SCJ Plastics saved a huge amount and Uniglobus got a friendly client.

Plastic Recycler

Our customer who is a plastic recycler is a reliable name in the plastics industry. It is a global trading house that deals in plastics. They are dealing in trading plastic materials across the globe. As a trading company, they have to face a myriad of issues that can be tackled with smart solutions.

Issues Faced: Back in May 2020, our customer bought PVC from Uniglobus Trading. But our supplier had to cancel the contract due to COVID circumstances. Their credibility was at stake.

What Uniglobus Offered?

As a reliable ally, we helped them by finding a replacement cargo for them from our trusted sources. We were able to honour our commitment and sustain their reputation. Eventually, they ended up making handsome profit on this cargo as the prices started skyrocketing since then. The price of PVC has shot up by 138% after Plastic Recycling Company order.

They were extremely satisfied by our services and started dealing with us on a regular basis.

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