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We are proud of our reputation as leading suppliers of plastic raw material to a variety of diverse industries around the globe.

Flexible Packaging

Polymer films can be transformed into several shapes and sizes. They are flexible, affordable and are ruling the market of flexible packaging.


The packaging for pharma products requires safety. Plastic packaging remains vacuumed even in high temperatures. It has a longer shelf life.


Plastics are used for passenger cars, vehicles, ambulances, etc. The structures in composite materials help to achieve efficiency.


For non-pressure pipes, pressure pipes, corrugated pipes, fittings and chambers, plastic is used for achieving slow cracks. It is also used in drinking water pipes.


The toys are made from plastic materials such as polyethylene, PVC and Polyester. They are versatile and attractive for toys. They can be cleaned easily and last long.


For plastic chairs and tables, plastic is used. They resist temperature change and corrosion. Plastic furniture does not easily get affected by hot or cold temperatures.


The plastic crockery is manufactured from a polymer. The plastic materials are best for tableware manufacturers. You can create various high-quality plastic cups and plates.

Water Tanks

Our premium quality plastic raw materials are strong in nature. Plastic tanks provide greater impact strength and are resistant to rust.

Raffia Bags

The raffia bags are manufactured with polypropylene materials. They ensure robustness and give a consistent performance. These bags have gained popularity as they are durable and sustainable.

RO System Parts

Connectors, knobs, fittings, holders, etc. are made by high-quality raw material. These ensure compact structure and they are light in weight.

LED Lights

The plastic material for LED bulbs are resistant to heat and prevent degradation. They are resistant to impact and also provide transparency.

Flexible Sheets

Our PVC flexible and natural transparent sheets are popular for making a sanitizer tunnel. The sheets can be cut or cold-formed. The sheets also come in various sizes and colours.


We provide a plastic material for tarpaulins that are used in various industries. Our plastic gives a longer lifespan, and are weatherproof

Nonwoven Fabric

Our high-calibre plastic granules for non-woven fabric are the first choice for our manufacturers. Our materials offer flexibility and are lightweight.


We have a broad range of exceptional raw materials for the cosmetics and personal care industry. We are a one-stop destination for your plastic raw material supply needs.

Electronic Meters

Our raw materials for electronic meters are widely applauded by our clients. Our materials are of advanced grade and manufactured with sophisticated technology.


Our polypropylene is apt for batteries as it can sustain high temperatures. It can also prevent chemical reactions and wear and tear.

Luggage Hardware

The luggage is manufactured from high-density polyethylene. These are made to provide easy handling while carrying for travelling.

ACP Sheet

We provide you with the best range of ACP sheets raw materials. They are apt for making several plastic products and are resistant to the chemical.

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